At Ahlsell Labs, we go where Ahlsell Group’s customers, businesses and partners will be in 3-5 years. Through a user centric and technology driven approach to innovation, we support Ahlsell’s mission to make it easier to be professionals for our customers - now and in the future.

The objective of the lab is to increase Ahlsell's understanding of opportunities emerging from all aspects of digital. Through our innovation process we systematically identify, qualify and prototype new concepts and solutions that demonstrate clear user benefits and potential to scale across our markets.

The scope of Ahlsell Labs’ work goes across the board. From building digital capabilities for operational efficiency to exploring digital business models and defining new digital customer experiences.

Ahlsell Labs is a part of the larger innovation ecosystem in the Nordics. We leverage the lab core team, customers and external partners and the wider Ahlsell organization to accelerate and drive innovation for our business and the industry at large.